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As we drive along the road heading to Jindabyne the kids peer out through the window looking for the snow on the mountains. It’s a game they play every year, to see who can find it first, who will be the winner. After years of travelling this road, I know […]

Why we ski at Perisher Ski resort – a Review

During the week two of the older girls came up with the idea to travel to Sydney on the train taking advantage of “Sunday Funday” ($2.50each travel on all NSW transport for the entire day!) and without any set plans, wander around the city and see what they could find. […]

Sunday Funday!….Sydney

So a little while ago I started a series called ” Saving for Travel series” with the first post hitting the hard topic of Budgeting! Check it out here……. In this second part of the series I will explain to you how I make my budget work, helping me to […]

Saving for travel series – Budgeting part 2

So, I’ve been doing this ski trip business with kids for 19 years!!!! Some trips have been with a husband in tow but a lot have been by myself, as a single parent. Looking at my Instagram feed you will find gorgeous smiling faces, loving every minute of skiing together […]

I have two words for you……Ski School!

During the last school holidays went spent our time reconnecting with our home town.  Here are our favourite 5 places to visit in Newcastle…. That are all free!!!                                              […]

Top five places to visit in Newcastle, Australia!