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Driving down through the twists and turns along the road past Fitzroy falls, heading into Kangaroo Valley, I told the kids to keep a look out for a turn off. I really had no idea of where I was going, even though I have travelled along this road many many […]

Camping with the Wombats – Bendeela Reserve.

Have you heard of Geocaching? When we first started this hobby as a family it wasn’t very well known, it felt like some underground, possibly illegal activity and most people looked at us strangely when we mention that we do it! Nowadays there is many families and people of all […]

Geocaching with the family.

Each week I am going to ask the kids what there favourite experiences while travelling have been so far. This week I asked Amber ( 21 years old). What have you loved the best so far? When we were in Canada we went snowmobiling . Even though I couldn’t drive […]

Kids recommend: Snowmobiling in Canada.

Following on from my post  5 reasons why your kids should skip school to travel ..  here are some tips so that the process of taking your kids out of school goes smoothly: Follow protocol In recent years there has been some changes in NSW for taking your kids out of […]

Tips for taking your kids out of school for short ...