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The past weekend something unusual happened. I found myself without any children! Two were at their fathers, two were on a road trip and one was working. I had a weekend to myself! Nobody needed me! What would I do? It didn’t take me too long to decide that a […]

Camping Solo

Travelling cost money, it doesn’t matter how you do it, whether it’s camping or staying in luxury hotels, you will need some money! Lots of people think they can’t save for travel, it’s out of their reach. But if I, as a single mum, can do it so can you! […]

Saving for travel series: Tips for food shopping! part 1

For most people getting a passport for your kids is really just a matter of filling out the forms getting a photo taken and paying the money.   For single / divorced parents it is not always that easy. For this girl, it’s been a long time of waiting. Waiting […]

Passports for kids of Single parents.

Today the younger children in this family board a plane to America for a three week holiday with their father.   I not sure how I feel. They are so excited, they are going to Disneyland and Hawaii! I don’t know how to feel about it.  They have been looking forward […]

When your children travel without you.

Here are my top five things that can (and have) gone wrong while traveling: Melts downs; When the kids get tired because of lack of sleep over stimulation or I have pushed them too much, they inevitably have melt downs. I’m not just talking about the little ones either, myself […]

5 things that can go wrong while traveling.

Itchy feet Wanderlust The travel bug Whatever you want to call it, I’ve got it! I’m sure it’s a disease…..is there a cure? My symptoms include; Anxiety over staying in the one place for too long. Wanting to see and and explore new things or even returning to places I […]

I have itchy feet…..and it’s not tinea.

With the weather finally turning cooler (well today anyway, we will see what tomorrow brings!) you might be thinking about a ski holiday, I know I am! If you have never been before you might not know where to start, so here is PART ONE of some tips I have […]

So you want to go to the snow!… part 1